Passport ID Details

We are required by law to request the passport or ID details (whichever document you are travelling on) and party details of all members of your party who will be staying in the villa. The authorities in Spain require all licensed properties to do this. This is part of the “SES Hospedajes” system.

This is a similar requirement process as it is when checking in a hotel in Spain. We appreciate you may not have done this previously staying in a private holiday rental but this has always been a legal requirement like when checking into hotels – it is only more recently that it has been enforced in private villas.

Your details are never passed to any third parties. Your details are sent to the Guardia Civil as required by law. 

We have a secure online process to facilitate this. You will be sent a unique link.

The link will be from “CheKin

It is a simple site and you can follow the steps on screen, however if you do have any questions please email us on and we will get back to you.